On Father’s Day, 15 June 2008, Anthony took Caylee to visit her grandfather. This was the last day Caylee was seen alive. The following day Anthony left the family home in Orlando for a work assignment in Tampa, taking Caylee with her. She apparently told her friends that Cindy had informed her she wanted her to move out. Anthony moved in with her boyfriend. Whenever Cindy asked to talk to her granddaughter, Anthony made excuses that the child was unavailable or out with her nanny, Zenaida.
About a month later, George and Cindy found a notice from the post office, alerting them to a certified letter. George retrieved the letter, which informed him that his daughter's 1998 Pontiac had been towed and was in a car yard. When he went to pick it up, George noticed an awful odor emanating from the boot of the car. He thought it smelled like a decomposing human body. He opened the trunk, but it contained nothing more than a bag of rubbish. The odious smell also alerted Cindy, who had growing suspicions about not being able to reach her granddaughter. She phoned the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and reported Caylee missing. During a 911 call Casey Anthony also reported that Caylee had been missing for the past thirty-one days.