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Bonnie and Clyde


January 1930 - Clyde Barrow first meets Bonnie Parker
February 1932 - Clyde released from jail and reunited with Bonnie, killing and robbery spree starts
23 March 1933 - Ivan M ‘Buck’ Barrow is released from Texas State prison and joins Bonnie and Clyde
18 July 1933 - The Barrow gang exchange fire with lawmakers at Platte City Missouri
24 July 1933 - Buck Barrow is shot and later dies. His wife Blanche is captured
16 January 1934 - Barrow gang release 15 prisoners from Eastham State Prison Texas
1 April 1934 - Clyde shoots and kills two highway patrolmen
23 May 1934 - Bonnie and Clyde both shot and killed on Highway 154 by law enforcers