Unlikely he will ever be free

Bob Meade and others believe that Roberts will never change. If he’s released, he’ll reoffend.
“He deserves to stay in prison. He spent far too long out of prison. As far as I’m concerned he should have gone to prison 20 years ago.”
Sarah Mustoe, forensic investigator
“There was no need to beat them black and blue, to break their jaws, to do the terrible things that he did to them. It was just...dreadful, evil violence.”
Brian Bowden-Brown, Detective Chief Inspector
In November 2012 Roberts had his sentence reduced to twenty five years on appeal.
He will be eligible for parole in 2037.
The judge said, however, release was unlikely.
Another judge has said that locking up some criminals for the rest of their lives is not in breach of their human rights.