The three-week trial began on Monday 19 March 2001. The 50 witnesses included four women previously attacked and raped by Georges. Amongst those giving evidence were 15 experts; members of the families of some of Georges’ victims; and Georges’ 71-year-old foster mother.
Despite prosecutor Evelyne Lesieur presenting the DNA evidence as well as the confession given after his arrest, Georges pleaded not guilty to all charges at trial. He retracted his confession, claiming the police had tortured and beaten him to obtain it.
Eight days into the proceedings, a defeated Georges broke down in tears and confessed. He admitted to the original four murders, as well as to the rape and murder of Helena Frinking in 1995, Magalie Sirotti in 1997 and Estelle Magd in 1997, asking for forgiveness from the victims’ families.
On Thursday, 5 April 2001 Guy Georges, 38, was sentenced to life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole for 22 years, for the rape and murder of seven women between 1991 and 1997.