There were several people who believed that Georges could have been caught sooner and that some of his horrendous crimes could have thus been avoided. During the police investigation, officers had failed to match DNA results for several months and at least one murder was committed whilst Georges was on day release from prison.
The intense focus on the case did have a positive effect in that this was the first case of using DNA evidence to convict a criminal in France. After the Georges case, French Minister of Justice, Elisabeth Guigou, established the precedent of storing the DNA of all sex offenders in a national register.
Georges is still a suspect in a few other murders previously considered part of the Bastille series. It is believed that he will never be released from prison, as psychiatrists have described Georges as a narcissistic psychopath and warned that his urge to kill could not be cured. There are some who believe he will commit suicide whilst in prison, as he was reported as saying, “You can rest assured, I know that I will never leave prison but I can assure you that I will never serve my sentence. …The sentence that you are going to impose on me is nothing, I will inflict a sentence upon myself.”