In 1974 at St Albans Crown Court, Mr Justice Kenneth Jones recommends Jebson serve at least 20 years.
“The mind recoils from the horror and enmity of the offences committed.”
Mr Justice Jones
The judge makes it clear that he can find no mitigating factors. There is nothing to either excuse or explain his actions. He is simply dangerous

Already serving a life sentence, the 61-year-old Jebson goes to Old Bailey. On Tuesday, Jebsen admits to the killings in the Old Bailey. His confession is watched by the still grieving mothers of his victims. Gary’s mother had never believed the explanation that her son’s death may have been accidental.
Also present is Detective Chief Superintendent Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read involved in the murder inquiry. He kisses Gary’s mother on the cheek and says, ‘we were right wasn’t we Beryl.”
In May 2000 Jebson is sentenced to two life sentences for their abduction and murders.
“What they went through before they died does not bear thinking about...You are a truly wicked and perverted man.”
Judge David Stokes
Mr John Evison had to defend Jebson. He states that Jebson’s only explanation for his crimes is that Jebson was at the time ‘drinking a lot’ and ‘taking drugs, many drugs’.
Three decades after their children’s deaths, their parents finally know how they died.
“Jebson should never be allowed the opportunity of freedom again.”
Norman Brennan, Victims of Crime Trust