As it was past closing time, and the girls still weren’t home, their families began to worry. “I remember going to my bed normal time and then I woke up. My bedroom door was a jar and there were lights still on.  I got back up and went downstairs and my mother was just sitting in the lounge...She was waiting up for Helen to come back.” Kevin Scott, Helen’s brother Tragically, each of the girl’s mothers reassured themselves that their daughter is probably round the other’s house. The next day, when they realised this hadn’t happened, the panic really started. They went to Edinburgh Police Station and reported Helen and Christine as missing.Just when their worst fears were forming, they heard truly terrifying news.“We then heard on the radio...that a body had been found.”Kevin Scott  At the same time as the parents reported their girl missing, dog walkers from the beach down in East Lothian found the body of Christine. She had been left on a long sweeping bend of a road. It would have allowed her killer time alone because he could have seen vehicle lights coming from far away.Christine was lying on her back. She’d been stripped of her clothes and those clothes had been use to bind and strangle her. “No attempt made to cover the body or conceal the body. It was just as if she’d been abandoned there, discarded there...just the callous disregard for a person, just dumped like that.”Tom wood, Former Det. Chief Constable, Lothian & Borders Police And then the radio brought news of another body. It was Helen. She was found about a mile up a country road in a field. She was wearing a coat; but nothing else.Like Christine, she’d been strangled with her own clothing. “He clearly treated both Helen and Christine just like, bits of meat.”Kevin Scott A police officer came to the Scott home and asked Helen’s father to identify her belongings. Whatever little hope the parents had that these bodies reported on the radio were not those of their little girls was, piece by piece, slowly removed. “The fact that in safe quaint old Edinburgh two young girls could just be whisked off the street and then brutally murdered, it just stopped the clock, almost like a death of innocence.”Tom wood