1994  Breivik is confirmed into the Lutheran Church of Norway
2000  Breivik decides now is the time to act and rid Norway of Multiculturalism
22 July 2011
3.26pm  A bomb goes off in Oslo close to the Government Buildings. Eight people are killed and hundreds more are injured
4.57pm  Breivik arrives at Utoeya Island
6.25pm  SWAT team arrives at Utoeya Island
6.27pm  Breivik surrenders. He’s murdered 69 people and injured 33 in less than 90mins
25 July 2011  Breivik is charged with two counts of terrorism under Norwegian law
14 April 2012  Breivik’s trial begins

24 August 2012  Breivik is found guilty. The court declares him to be sane and he is sentenced to 21 years imprisonment