“He’s a calculating individual with a plan for everything”
Evil Up Close: Crusader for Death – Anders Behring Breivik
The police have Breivik in custody but they need to understand what caused a Norwegian national to murder his own people. They begin to investigate and Breivik’s own 1,500 page manifesto holds the key.
It emerges that in the eleven years leading up to the attacks Breivik changes from a shy quiet teenager to a muscle-bound lone activist eager to enforce his extreme views on the world. But what causes this change?
At 20-years-old he joins Norway’s Fermskrittspartiet - The Progress Party. It’s the largest far-right group in the country. Breivik holds several political posts in the party's youth league. Several people remember him as being a normal well-dressed and modest young man. However, he mainly lives an online existence with no dealings with the real world. He’s careful to keep his own political beliefs and his manifesto secret, especially from his friends. He’s meticulously careful not to reveal too much information that might upset his grand plans. He does however start to post more controversial opinions
Around this time he starts to improve his physique by getting up at 6am every day and enduring a harsh training regime, involving steroids. It’s also alleged that he’s undergone cosmetic procedures on his face to achieve the ultimate Aryan look. He believes he’s a Knights Templar, the Christian sect that vowed to destroy Islam.
From 2002 to 2006 Breivik puts all efforts into raising funds. He sets up a computer programming business. It’s successful but eventually Breivik declares himself bankrupt and the company is closed. At this point he’s forced to move back in with his mother. He’s becoming increasingly critical of multiculturalism. His hatred of Muslims stems from the fact he believes them to be a threat to Norwegian society.
In 2009 Breivik withdraws from society and stays in his room at his mother’s house playing computer games. He’s taken a year out to study World of Warcraft and improve his marksmanship. It’s also a good cover story to help him write his manifesto and to find contacts from the online world that are sympathetic to his cause.
His manifesto is really a guide for anyone wishing to follow in his footsteps and details every issue and problem he faces in his crusade. It exposes how cold and calculating he really is and also reveals the scientific approach he takes with his work. Worryingly Breivik appears to be two people. To his friends he’s just a normal average guy.
Around this time he also creates a new business called Breivik Geofarm. It’s a vegetable farm set up to help him legally buy fertiliser that he’ll use to make his bomb.
In 2010 he tries to buy illegal weaponry in Prague but this trip proves fruitless. Instead he uses legal channels in his own country, and due to Norwegian law he has to attend a local shooting club in order to own a gun. He’s licensed to hold a semi-automatic 9mm Glock 17 pistol and a semi-automatic Ruger Mini-14 rifle for shooting deer.
By 2011 he’s moved to a farm in the small rural town of Rena, north east of Oslo. He’s hoping that he won’t draw attention to himself in the countryside, as the final phase of his deadly plan approaches. However, a local farmer has concerns for his new neighbour, as he knows the land is not suitable for vegetables and is seeing an awful lot of fertiliser arriving. Unfortunately the neighbour doesn’t alert the authorities.