"I am not sorry and I would do the same thing all over again."
Anders Behring Breivik, BBC News Online, 14 April 2012
The SWAT team arrive but are immediately mistaken by the teenagers to be Breivik’s accomplices. After reassurances, they are directed to the location of the gunman. All around them the sound of rapid gun shots being fired can be heard.
Unexpectedly, Breivik is seen walking towards them with his hands above his head. He’s thrown his weapons to the side of him. There is no struggle and it’s an easy arrest. Chillingly, the police discover that Breivik doesn’t stop because he’s run out of ammunition, he wants to be caught.
On 25 July 2011 Breivik is charged with two counts of terrorism under Norwegian law; the first for “destabilising or destroying basic functions of society”; the second for “creating serious fear in the population”. He’s held in custody for an initial eight weeks, with the first four being in solitary confinement.