At 8:18pm on 1 November 2007 , Knox receives a text message from her boss, Lumumba, saying there’s no work that night. She’s now at a loose end. Coincidentally, her boyfriend, Sollecito, is soon told that he doesn’t have to give a lift to a friend so both are now free. They decide to meet up with Guede at Knox’s flat to buy some cannabis. They then both turn off their mobile phones. Knox is seen at Sollecito’s flat at 8.40pm.
Around 9pm Meredith Kercher returns alone to the flat she shares with Knox. At some point that that evening an assailant gains access to the flat and attacks Meredith. She is sexually assaulted, strangled and stabbed.
The death of Meredith Kercher is slow and painful because despite the fact that her throat has been cut, the carotid artery is not severed, which would have quickly starved her brain of oxygen and so she would have lost consciousness. Instead, she slowly suffocates on her own blood as she bleeds out. Meredith dies sometime before 4am.
Perhaps feeling remorseful, the murderer or murderers then cover her semi-naked body with a duvet leaving one leg sticking out from underneath. Later a neighbour finds Meredith’s mobile phone in their garden and reports it to the police. The police trace the owner of the phone and set off to return it.