In 1992 Walker gave Ronald and Elaine two one-way airline tickets to Calgary in Canada as a Christmas present. He persuaded Ronald to leave him a signature stamp for corporate documents along with his driver's licence, birth certificate and a credit card. The minute Ronald was out of the country Walker then proceeded to steal his identity.
By 1996 Walker and Sheena had moved to Essex and were living as husband and wife under the names of Ronald and Noelle. They had two young daughters (the biological father is unknown) and their birth certificates cited Ronald Platt as the father.
Walker kept in contact with the real Ronald Platt and spoke to Elaine occasionally, who had eventually left Ronald in Canada. However, disillusioned with the Canadian economy, Ronald Platt returned to England and settled close to Walker and his daughter.
Walker realised his cover was about to be blown, so he invited Ronald to Devon with Sheena and their daughters and took him out for a trip on his yacht. Four miles out to sea, Walker hit Ronald over the head with an anchor, tied it around his waist and tipped his body into the English Channel. Ronald’s disappearance was not noticed for six weeks.