Aileen Wuornos: aka Lee Blahovec, Lori Grody and Cammie Marsh Green; violent wastrel and criminal, dabbling in prostitution; serial murderer
Tyria Moore: Wuornos' partner-in-crime and possibly sexual partner; she helped build the case against Wuornos; was absolved of any involvement by Wuornos
Lewis Fell: Wuornos' first husband; society high-flyer; divorced her after a few months of marriage
Richard Mallory, 51: electronics shop owner; had a criminal record of rape and sexual violence; Wuornos' first victim
David Spears, 43: heavy machinery operator; victim of Wuornos
Charles Carskaddon, 40: rodeo worker; victim of Wuornos
Peter Siems, 65: retired merchant seaman; carjacked and killed by Wuornos and Moore
Eugene Burress, 50: delivery driver; victim of Wuornos
Dick Humphreys, 56: retired police chief; victim of Wuornos
Walter Antonio, 60: truck driver, victim of Wuornos
Arlene Pralle: born-again Christian; took on Wuornos' case and helped her defence; legally adopted Wuornos