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What's coming up in Murdertown S3?

TV & radio broadcaster Anita Rani fronts a brand-new original UK commission series of Murdertown only on Crime+Investigation. 

Murdertown is a 360 degree investigation of the impact of a murder on a local community, through the eyes of those most immediately affected (friends and relatives of the victims and, in some cases, the accused) as well as those further afield, such as local crime reporters, investigating police officers and criminologists. 

In each episode, Anita Rani visits the towns and local communities where the murders took place to re-tell these tragic stories and shed new light on how lives and places are changed forever by such shocking and unforgettable crimes. In Season 3, locations featured include: Milton Keynes, Wakefield, Wigan, Wishaw, Southampton, Oxford, Lichfield, Leicester, Bath and Whitby.