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Show Notes: 'Rattled & Shook' podcast Q&A

Show Notes - Rattled & Shook

Show Notes is the Q&A series from Crime + Investigation where we speak to the hosts of your favourite true crime podcasts. Using quickfire questions we find out more about the shows, their passion for true crime and the cases that keep them awake at night. There are hundreds of true crime podcasts available across every platform, so this is your chance to meet the people behind the microphones and discover your next favourite listen.

In this latest interview, we spoke to Aprile Ruha and Meredith Stedman, the hosts of Rattled & Shook. The weekly, horror-comedy podcast covers haunted houses, creepy encounters and supernatural experiences making it the perfect show to listen to this Halloween.

1. What five words would you use to describe your podcast?

Spooky retro radio variety show.

2. What do you think makes your podcast stand out from the crowd?

Our cover art, our original music, our vintage vibe, and our attention to detail (sound design!)…and our wheezy giggles/cackles.

3. What first sparked your interest in podcasting?

Meredith: Serial.

Aprile: … also Serial.

4. What's your favourite part of the podcasting process?

Aprile: Sound design!! I love creating an immersive experience for the listener. I’m a big horror fan, and I think sound is the most important element of the genre. I love me a ‘lowpass filter’, especially to make things sound like they’re coming from another room.

Meredith: Creating a really cohesive vibe – coordinating with our composer and artists to make a really clear world that people can FEEL and really get into. I love the community of light-hearted spookiness that we’re starting to build.

5. What's the favourite episode you’ve ever done and why?

Meredith: Episode 8 ‘never editing at night again’ – there’s a great story in this one that was sent in by a listener. It’s about how she was working as a video editor and had a creepy, possibly paranormal, encounter late-night in her editing bay. As an editor… so relatable. Chills.

Aprile: Episode 12 ‘well, that took a turn’ – another one with a great story about a series of false awakenings. And this one was actually told by the person who experienced it. As someone who has experienced many strange and spooky occurrences around sleep, I also found it very relatable.

6. What do you now know about podcasting that you wish you knew when you started?

You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea…even if that tea is meticulously scored and sound designed.

7. What life lessons has your podcast taught you?

Meredith: If something feels off to you, get the hell out of there ASAP!

Aprile: Don’t sound design an episode about a Ouija board at night.

8. What's one cold true crime case you would like to see solved?

Meredith: Kristal Reisinger (Season 2 of Up And Vanished – check out her case)

Aprile: The death of Thelma Todd

9. What's your favourite true crime podcast?

Meredith: True crime and I go way back. I started my podcasting work in true crime (on Up And Vanished). But my current favourite is Disgraceland, which tells the tales of crime and debauchery for the biggest musical legends out there. It’s an interesting take on the genre. And so well-written and delivered.

Aprile: ‘I’m Phoebe Judge… and this is Criminal’

10. If you had to choose another subject other than horror, what would you choose and why?