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Ex-Con Carpenters: Episode Guide

Taury Meade uses a buzz saw while his dad, Raphael, watches on
Image: Ex-Con Carpenters

Ex-Con Carpenters is the series that gives those who’ve done wrong, the chance to do right. Father-and-son carpenters Raphael and Taury Meade guide former prisoners in designing and creating meaningful pieces of carpentry for someone they’ve hurt through their crimes.

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Read on to learn more about all of the Ex-Con Carpenter episodes:

Episode 1: “I Killed A Man With One Punch”

Jacob Dunne, raised in Nottingham, struggled in school and fell into gang culture, selling drugs and fighting. In 2011, he inadvertently killed a young man in a fight, leading to prison.

Episode 2: “I Took The Law Into My Own Hands”

Adetola Adeogun learnt the hard way that you cannot take the law into your own hands. She saw red when a stranger she’d allowed to stay in her flat refused to leave after they’d been there two years.

Episode 3: “I Was Stabbed In The Eye, And It Made Me See”

Mark Bracewell grew up surrounded by gang crime, witnessing his first murder at 11 and later serving time for armed robbery. Despite efforts to change, he battled drug addiction and his past.

Episode 4: “Prison Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me”

After years of drug abuse from a young age, many short prison stints, fines and community service, Francesca Fattore received a seven-year prison sentence in 2017.

Episode 5: “I’d Be Dead Or In Prison Without My Dad”

In a special bonus episode, carpenter Taury Meade shares his story with his dad, Raphael. Taury lost four friends to stabbings and nearly went to jail himself.

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