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Don't miss these shows on Crime + Investigation Play

A stock photo showing Rob Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets on a phone screen

Crime + Investigation Play, the only dedicated true crime streaming service, is now available for true crime fans across the United Kingdom.

The service offers an extensive library of gripping box sets, browsable content, and curated collections. New content is added weekly including the latest UK commissions, genre-defining franchises, and agenda-setting documentaries.

Crime + Investigation Play is available on a seven-day free trial for new customers and then a low monthly cost of £3.99 thereafter. Simply download the brand new app from the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store, or sign up on the Crime + Investigation Play website.

Here are the top shows that you can’t afford to miss!

Rob Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets

Rob Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets takes a unique look at the battle of wits between police and suspects in some of the most disturbing US and UK criminal cases in recent years. Criminal barrister and television personality Rob Rinder is the perfect guide to the dark arts of interrogation. A team of experts analyse police interviews, in each of which the skilled work of detectives was key to cracking the case and securing a conviction. The first season is available now as a box set.


Returning for its fourth season with a brand new host, Murdertown tells the story of how shocking murders have rocked the lives of the people and local communities involved. Award-winning actress Emilia Fox visits towns throughout the country and investigates the cases from which the scars persist to this day. New episodes will be available weekly from 11th September.

Homicide Hunter

Homicide Hunter is an investigative series that examines murder cases told through the personal experience of retired detective, Lieutenant Joe Kenda. Relying on his years of experience, Kenda captivates with details of a different investigation each week, from the racing adrenaline he felt when receiving an initial homicide call to the satisfaction of closing the case. Seasons 1-8 of Homicide Hunter are available as box sets.

Meet, Marry, Murder

Meet Marry, Murder focuses on the most common form of homicide in the world - when a married person kills their partner. The ordinariness of life is at the heart of the extraordinary events that unfold. What a couple first felt about each other becomes central to the unforeseen drama that lies ahead and we hear about the events that drive someone to murder the person they once loved. Seasons 1-3 are available now as box sets.

The First 48

For homicide detectives, the first 48 hours of every murder investigation are critical. Once that deadline is passed without a lead, the odds of solving a case are cut in half. Each passing hour means more time for suspects to flee and crucial evidence to be lost. The First 48 is a gritty, race against the clock as detectives and homicide teams work furiously on breaking cases. Seasons 17-21 and 23-24 are available as box sets now.

Very Scary People

Hosted by Donnie Wahlberg, Very Scary People is a series that chronicles the twisted lives of some of the most frightening characters from recent history. Each episode traces the horrible, criminal acts of these elusive outcasts and the eventual road to justice. Seasons 1-3 of Very Scary People are available now.

The Jail: 60 Days In

Returning for an all-new season, The Jail: 60 Days In locks down the Henry County Jail in Georgia. The recently elected sheriff is enlisting seven formerly incarcerated volunteers to go undercover in an effort to find valuable information and help improve conditions. Will these formerly incarcerated participants be able to survive, or will the challenges of being back behind bars be too much for them to handle? A new season of The Jail: 60 Days In is coming in October.

Murder Detective

Murder Detective is a British original show hosted by former Surrey Police senior detective and criminologist Graham Hill. In each episode, Graham pairs his detective methodology with forensic science and insider knowledge to provide expert analysis about how the cases were finally cracked. The first season will be available on Crime + Investigation Play in October.

Crime + Investigation Play is also available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.