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5 shocking crimes caught on smart doorbells 

A person pressing a smart doorbell with their thumb
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In recent years, the increased popularity of smart doorbell cameras has revolutionised home security. More than one in five households now have a doorbell with a camera, according to research conducted by Consumer Intelligence, with the most well-known brand being Amazon's Ring device.

But beyond deterring would-be intruders, these devices have proven invaluable in capturing shocking crimes in real-time, and providing police with crucial evidence that helps to solve cases.

From brazen burglars and nightmare neighbours to high-profile murders, read on to discover some of the cases where smart doorbells have emerged as unexpected allies in fighting neighbourhood crime. 

1. The murder of Sarah Everard

The popularity of doorbell cameras means they’ve become a key part of police evidence in numerous high-profile cases. Doorbell footage is often circulated on social media to raise awareness of missing people and help with search appeals.

In March 2021, Sarah Everard was reported missing to the police by her boyfriend. During the subsequent police search, haunting footage of her last moments was revealed to the public. On the day of her disappearance, Sarah was shown walking alone down Poynders Road in Clapham at 9:30pm.

Just four minutes after the footage was captured, Sarah met her killer – police officer, Wayne Couzens.

2. Killer builder caught by doorbell camera

Doorbell camera footage was used in the prosecution of a builder who killed a dissatisfied client in July 2023.

Ring footage revealed Peter Norgrove entering the home of Sharon Gordon in Dudley, before brutally attacking her with a hammer and leaving her for dead. Norgrove attacked his victim after she had complained about delays and quality of workmanship.

During his trial, jurors were told that the camera had captured the sound of a female screaming and shouting before Norgrove was filmed leaving the property with red marks on his trousers.

3. Brianna Ghey’s trial

During the trial of Brianna Ghey’s killers, jurors were shown some of the last moments of her life that a doorbell camera had captured.

In February 2023, Brianna was stabbed to death in Culcheth Linear Park, Cheshire. Eerie footage was shown in court and revealed the precise time she had left her home at 12:45 pm on her way to meet up with her killers, Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Radcliffe.

Jenkinson and Radcliffe were sentenced to life imprisonment.

4. Violent crimes caught on camera

The discreet nature of doorbell cameras makes them effective at capturing crucial criminal evidence that might otherwise be missed.

In March 2024, shocking doorbell footage emerged of the moment a man was shot three times while being chased down a street in the Rock Ferry area of Wirral. Video from a Ring device captured the moment a man ran for his life as another person opened fire with a gun.

Two men were later arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Ring doorbell footage was also used during the trial of Natalie Bennett for the murder of her boyfriend, Kasey Anderson. 24-year-old Kasey died in March 2023 after being slashed and stabbed several times. Footage from a neighbour’s doorbell camera revealed Bennett holding a knife and aiming a blow toward her boyfriend’s head.

Bennett was found guilty of murder and given a life sentence.

5. Burglars brought to justice

A homeowner in Nottingham was away on holiday when they discovered they were being burgled on their doorbell camera. After receiving a notification on their phone, the victim saw the burglar breaking into their house and taking their TV.

Police officers attended the property minutes later and found a suspect matching the description of the burglar. The suspect was subsequently arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Meanwhile, Sam Norman was caught red-handed trying to break into a property in Worcestershire in July 2023. Footage from the doorbell camera showed Norman poking the camera with a pole, but it was too late.

He was caught when police recognised his mugshot from the footage and handed a suspended 18-week prison sentence.