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Crime + Investigation Play - What to watch in July 2024

Image: Cut To The Crime

Crime + Investigation Play is the only dedicated true crime streaming service, allowing subscribers to watch over 1,000 hours of true crime content on the go. Binge on British originals like Cops Gone Bad, Murdertown and Crimes That Shook Britain, as well as hit US series such as The First 48, Homicide Hunter and Court Cam.

Brand new shows are being added every single month to keep you up to date with all the latest true crime documentaries. Check out what’s coming to Crime + Investigation Play in July 2024.

60 Days In: The Jail

In the ninth season of 60 Days In: The Jail, seven new participants voluntarily go undercover in the Utah County Jail to shed light on an influx of drugs, contraband and gang-related activity. They want to help the Sheriff identify these issues and create positive change for both the inmates and staff. The Utah County Jail is one of the largest in the state and is run by Sheriff Mike Smith.

For the first time in the show’s history, a new rule is enacted that means once a participant gives the distress signal, they will be pulled out immediately. With no time for second chances or moments of weakness, the fearless participants – each with their own personal motives – make a pact to do whatever it takes to expose the system’s flaws.

Season nine of 60 Days In: The Jail will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Friday, 26th July. Seasons seven and eight are streaming now.

Very Scary People

Donnie Wahlberg returns to host the fourth season of Very Scary People. The series takes a closer look at some of the most frightening killers in recent history. Each episode traces the history, psychology and motives of these elusive criminals and presents how they were eventually caught.

Cases include the Ken and Barbie Killers, Back to School Killer, Sammy the Bull Gravano, The Hillside Stranglers, Cross Country Killer and John Gotti.

Season four of Very Scary People will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 29th July. The first three seasons are streaming now.

Cut To The Crime

James Busby, well-known for his transformative online hairdressing content, welcomes contributors to his salon to sit in the chair, just like at any other hairdresser. While they have their hair washed, cut, dried and styled, James nurtures them through powerful conversations that allow them to share their story and the impact on their friends, family and the wider public.

Each contributor opens up during an honest chat that’s unfiltered, to the point, real and emotional.

The full second season of Cut To The Crime will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 8th July. The first season is streaming now.

Murder At The Motel

A motel is often a welcome sight for weary travellers. It is also a hub for criminal activities. Murder At The Motel uncovers some of the most sinister crimes that have taken place beneath the neon lights.

Murder At The Motel will be available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play from Thursday, 4th July.

Crime + Investigation Boxsets

It’s not just brand-new shows that are available to stream on Crime + Investigation Play. Curl up with a boxset and watch all of the best new Crime + Investigation shows.

Boxsets include:

- Murdertown

- Judge Rinder’s Interrogation Secrets

- Cops Who Kill

- Murder Detective

- #TextMeWhenYouGetHome


- Court Cam

- Witness To Murder

- Women On Death Row

- Body In The Suitcase

- Bubble & Squeak Murder

Crime + Investigation Play is available on a seven-day free trial for new customers and at the low monthly cost of £4.99 thereafter. Subscribers can also choose to pay annually for a fee of £29.99.

Crime + Investigation Play is also available across Amazon Prime Video Channels, YouTube Primetime Channels and Apple TV Channels in the UK, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.