The Biggest Heists in History

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With the recent Hatton Garden robbery trial, we started thinking about other high profile heists throughout history. Most of us will be able to recall heists that have grabbed the headlines both in our lifetimes and before. This infographic from BullionVault delves into the most valuable and notorious thefts in history, including the legendary Great Train Robbery.

‘The Biggest Heists in History’ explores exactly what was taken during each heist and how, with the majority of the robberies involving millions of pounds worth of gold, jewellery, art or cash. Featuring the Lufthansa heist, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft and the Carlton Hotel heist, amongst others, our infographic also divulges just how much of the stolen goods have been recovered.It’s important to note that owing to advances in technology, physical heists are becoming less common than they once were with online fraud taking its place. As was shown in the Hatton Garden case, technology can lead to the downfall of even the best planned heist with the robbers’ old school approach falling foul to modern technology, in the form of CCTV and mobile phone data - not something the likes of Ronnie Biggs had to contend with. But no matter what, it’s imperative to have insurance, something the clients of the Hatton Garden vault robbery learned the hard way. Take a look at the infographic below to discover more about the Hatton Garden robbery as well as other high-profile heists and learn how much cunning thieves made off with in each case.