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Jail Shock: Troubled Teens

Scared Straight!, the Academy Award & multiple-Emmy®-winning documentary film by Arnold Shapiro, made a huge impact on audiences through its portrayal of an effective juvenile prevention/intervention programme at a NJ prison. Over the years, both the prison programme and the film have turned countless kids away from drugs, violence and crime, and kept them out of prison.

Jail Shock: Troubled Teens, produced by Arnold Shapiro, profiles the new approach to keeping today's teens from becoming tomorrow's prisoners. The power of the original Scared Straight! programme has inspired dozens of inmate-run intervention programmes in men's and women's prisons across the country. In many dramatic ways, these 21st Century programmes are very different, because today's youth need a different approach - a combination of confrontation, information and communication to try to reach these at-risk kids.

These youthful offender programs put boys and girls of all ethnicities and backgrounds, ranging in age from 11-18, into intensive one-day in-prison sessions that show them the realities of life behind bars.

Each one-hour episode focuses on a different inmate-run programme in the U.S., and follows four or five at-risk teens before they attend the programme, throughout their day inside the prison, immediately afterwards, and then follows up with them one-month later to see the lasting impact of the experience on their lives. Beyond Scared Straight is about transforming the lives of young people through intervention and second chances.

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