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The Biggest Heists in History

With the recent Hatton Garden robbery trial, we started thinking about other high profile...

Hatton Garden Heist: One Last Job

On the Easter bank holiday weekend,  4 men in their 60s and 70s committed the most daring heist in British criminal history. They stole £14m in gold, jewellery, and cash fromHatton Garden.   The men have pleaded guilty and now their accomplices are awaiting sentencing for their part in the plot. The ringleaders were grandfathers, fathers, and husbands;  they were all career criminals who were after the biggest pay-out of their lives.  This was going to be their one last job.

One Last Job: The Hatton Garden Heist

The Hatton Garden Safe Depository was seen as one of the most secure vaults in London.  But a gang of criminals, most of them now drawing their state pensions, hatched a plan to break in and get away with millions of pounds for their retirement.  Those that pleaded guilty have links with London’s criminal underworld and their crime CVs stretch back decades. They’re known for the Brinks Matt and Security Express robberies; in a network that harks back to a bygone age of crime.

Now they are looking at years in prison, not seeing their grandchildren grow up, their wives facing a lonely old age.

It is a story that reads like a film script – shades of Oceans 11,and Sexy Beast.  Men who spent a lifetime on the wrong side of the law – who couldn’t resist the temptation to have one last go at making a fortune.

We plan to include interviews with the recently retired Commander Peter Spindler, who ran the investigation; true-crime author Wensley Clarkson, who is about to bring out a book on the Hatton Garden heist; a victim of the raid who was looking at losing hundreds of thousands of pounds ; letters written to our narrator, veteran crime correspondent, Martin Brunt, from one of the gang members from prison; and we investigate why these men decided to risk their retirements to pull off a job which could mean living out the rest of their days in jail.

We will use 3-D graphics to illustrate how the job was pulled off; filming at the key locations where the conspirators met, including coffee bars and pubs all over London, looking for all the world like old men meeting up for an innocent chat. And we will demonstrate the drill that was used to break through the massive walls surrounding the vault.

The documentary will be voiced by Sky News veteran crime correspondent Martin Brunt, who has also covered many of the past cases these men were involved in.

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