D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?

Who is D. B. Cooper?

Who is D. B. Cooper?

When to Watch

Starts Saturday 21st January at 9pm

D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?

In 1971, a man known as DB Cooper hijacked and threatened to blow up an airliner, extorting $200,000 from its owner, Northwest Orient. He then parachuted from the airborne 727 with 21 pounds of $20 bills strapped to his torso. Evading one of the most extensive and expensive American manhunts of the 20thcentury, DB Cooper was never seen again, dead or alive. The crime was perfect if he lived, perfectly crazy if he didn't. The case of DB Cooper has obsessed and cursed his pursuers for generations, with everything from bankruptcy to suicidal despair. But now, 43 years later, a crack team of citizen sleuths have spent 3 years and $300,000 to find the man the law couldn't. This is a 2-hour special on how the case of DB Cooper took over 40 years to crack and will culminate in the final capture of a true American legend. This special will definitively answer the burning questions: Who is DB Cooper and where has he been hiding?

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Sky: 553 & 554 (+1)

Virgin Media: 275

BT: 328

TalkTalk: 328

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