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Crimes That Shook Britain Series 5

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The Legacy of the Marchioness

When the party boat Marchioness was sunk on 20 August 1989, 51 people lost their lives in what...

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Crimes That Shook Britain

We uncover the truth behind the crimes that shocked the nation in a brand new and exclusive series of Crimes That Shook Britain.

Join us as we shed new light on the chilling crimes that created shock-waves across the country and changed the UK forever. Told through the eyes of those at the heart of the crimes, the new series analyses the events that led to such atrocities before examining the devastating effects that they have left in their wake.

The new series begins with one of the most significant and disturbing criminal cases of the last few decades - Jimmy Savile, one of the most prolific and influential sex offenders the UK has ever seen. Once a national treasure, now vilified, Savile’s death in 2011 prompted hundreds of victims of sex abuse to come forward to reveal the truth about the celebrity.
The accusations prompted operation Yewtree and the ongoing investigations involving high profile people. Talking to family members and former colleagues of the star, Crimes That Shook Britain lifts the lid on one of the biggest scandals the UK has ever seen.

Other high-profile cases to feature in the new series include: the shocking and sickening murder of Lee Rigby at the hands of Islamic extremists in 2013; the heartless crimes of Mick and Mairead Philpott who killed their six innocent children in an arson attack on their own home; the story of Clare Wood, whose murder by her ex-boyfriend George Appleton called for new changes to privacy laws; and the cold-blooded murders of serial child abuser and killer Rose West. The Marchioness disaster is also covered in the series and CI investigates, 25 years after the deaths of 51 revellers, how the tragedy contributed to changes in the law and asks what has changed to prevent this tragedy happening again?

Using drama reconstructions, witness accounts, police interviews, archive news pieces and intimate access to victims and families; every episode of this compelling series explores the dark depths of some of Britain’s most infamous and disturbing cases.

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