Britain's Darkest Taboos

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Britain's Darkest Taboos Series 6

Britain’s Darkest Taboos tells the stories of some of the most shocking and disturbing crimes...

Britain's Darkest Taboos

Hard to imagine, impossible to forget...

Britain’s Darkest Taboos is the, shocking, true-life crime series that tells the story of some of the most sickening acts of familial crime imaginable. No subject is off limits, from incest and rape to child destruction and murder.

Britain’s Darkest Taboos is every family’s worst nightmares, relived and retold firsthand by the family and friends at the heart of events, as well as Police Officers involved in the case.

The latest series of Britain’s Darkest Taboos tells the story of some of the most shocking and disturbing crimes within families and relationships. Every family’s worst nightmares are re-lived and re-told first hand by family and friends as well as police officers involved in the cases.

Each episode includes accurate dramatic reconstructions of key events and expert analysis from former Detective Superintendent David Swindle and psychologist Emma Kenny.

Series 5 includes the case of the son-in-law who starts a blaze that kills his wife, his father-in-law and his own baby, the 17-year-old daughter who was hanged and sexually abused in a snuff movie fantasy and the young woman with a learning disability who was beaten to death for being different.

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