Behind Bars: Rookie Year

Rookie CO Cordova looks for hooch in an inmate's cell in this bonus scene from "Building the Case."

Rookie CO Zach Chavez

Despite his youth, 21-year-old Zach comes to the NMCD with some practical experience under his...

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Behind Bars: Rookie Year Series 1

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Behind Bars: Rookie Year

With high attrition and a constant shortage of men and women up to the task, this series will follow a class of new correction officers in the California prison system as they begin their 60-day probation period. Statistically, only 1 in 4 will make it past these first 60 days. While we'll see character development over the course of a season, each episode will be self-contained and highlight a new task that they're tackling for the first time. These tasks may include executing a cell search of suspected gang members, breaking up a fight between rival drug dealers who are out for blood, or working their first solo shift to cover a "pod" of inmates where they will be outnumbered 75 to 1. They will be keeping an eye on some of the country's most violent offenders as they adjust to life behind bars.

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