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Battle of Wills

To most people, a final will and testament offers the chance to put all your affairs in order, unite your loved ones in grief and leave them better off. But all too often, its true legacy is one of chaos, treachery and bitter feuding. What should be a time of mourning can turn into a time of devastating conflict, which tears a family apart.

Today, people are wealthier and living longer than ever before. What’s more, family relations have never been so complicated. Put it all together and you have a recipe for inheritance war.

In this series, we will tell the stories behind some of the UK’s strangest and darkest inheritance feuds.

From sibling squabbles to shocking murders, foiled plots to audacious frauds, we’ll unfold the twists and turns of every bitter conflict. The series will feature contributions from surviving relatives, witnesses, police investigators, legal experts, family psychologists - and even the perpetrators themselves. From cunning deceptions to cold-blooded murders, we explore the extraordinary stories behind the crimes and lift the lid on chilling acts of greed and betrayal, which prove that life after death can descend into a bitter Battle of Wills.

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